ACE Manager

 Overall Responsibility

  • To oversee all aspects of admissions, customer experience, event management, and related communications of the School.
  • To assume any other duties, roles and responsibilities as delegated by the Principal/ Headmaster

Specific Responsibilities


  • Oversight of the Admissions Programme to ensure admission targets are met and new strategies applied to maximise enrolment.
  • Ensure in-depth knowledge of the local regulations concerning student enrolment, in particular those involving the Education Bureau, the procedure and timeframe for the promotion and selection of students through the government’s online platforms.
  • Maintain accurate data on School enrolment, tracking through the school year and against previous years, and making recommendations for the setting of targets for the year ahead.
  • Maintain accurate records of the competitor schools in regards of their admissions policies, admissions strategies, etc.
  • Oversight of the admissions policies’ legal compliance. Make sure the admissions policies comply with the local government policies and regulations, and the school marketing channels and strategies are all legally compliant.
  • Establish relationships with feeder schools, kindergartens, and related government authorities to maximise the school applications.

 Customer experience

  • Customer service: assure quality in levels of customer service in all outward facing staff, to ensure all parents that visit the campus leave with a deeper understanding of the School’s Philosophy and Values, and impressed by the professionalism and commitment of the teachers and staff.
  • Customer Journey: engage senior academic and admin staff to identify influential (emotional) touch-points influencing the perception of the School’s Brand, for students, parents, teachers and staff, leading to a vision for the preferred Dehong customer experience/journey.

 Marketing & Communications

Supporting the Marketing & Communications programme, in the areas of:

  • School Branding;
  • Fairs & Marketing Events;
  • School events; and
  • School Visits.


  • Closing date: Fri, 30 Aug 2019 00:00
  • Work Area: Head of Department / Faculty
  • Position: Professional Support Services
  • School: Dehong Education