We are proud to introduce our SE21 hubs, a name with multiple meanings. Dulwich College sits in Southeast London, in the SE21 postcode, while at DCI and Dehong, the "S" in SE21 stands for STEAM, the "E" for entrepreneurship, and "21" for the 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Dehong is proud to be one of the first three schools in the DCI family to build an SE21 hub. SE21 not only provides locations for pitching ideas, phase one robotics, coding, CAD/CAM, graphic design, film, digital and virtual reality, but also creates links between seemingly unrelated subjects. Students will be engaged in entrepreneurship and real world problem solving, pulling in elements of engineering, film-making and project-based learning. 

Collaboration is at the heart of the SE21 hubs, and it takes place at all levels and ages - within the DCI family of schools and sister schools, and of course externally, through link-ups to other schools, universities and Silicon Valley experts in law, finance, marketing and technology. As an example of an in-school community project in our sister school, Dulwich College Beijing, DUCKS students (Age 2 to 7) designed teddy bears, Junior School students (Age 7 to 11) produced them using 3D printers and sewing machines, and Senior School students (Age 11 to 18) marketed them through links with local businesses, raising money for migrant schools.

The first school in the group to embrace SE21, Dulwich College Beijing has replaced GCSE Design Technology with four global competitions: Google Science Fair, Formula 1 in Schools, Botball and Kickstarter. The same DCB team who gained a global award for British International School of the Year 2017 for Teaching Initiative will now be devoting themselves to STEAM and Entrepreneurship.