Visual and Performing Arts

As an entrepreneur in the world of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, Dulwich College founder and actor Edward Alleyn, through his association with Philip Henslowe and Christopher Marlowe, ignited the theatres on London’s Bankside with thrilling and groundbreaking plays. Four hundred years later, Edward Alleyn’s creative legacy continues with visual and performing arts playing a key role in a Dehong education.

Visual and performing arts, including music, drama, art, dance and film, will play an important role in the Dehong Chinese International School curriculum. Students will be encouraged to explore their creative talents through Chinese and international art forms, gaining insight into different cultures and eras. Engagement in the performing arts improves students’ performance and communication skills, and most critically, builds their confidence.

Being part of the Dulwich College International family of schools allows Dehong students opportunities that a single school would not have the capacity to provide. Working with the Visual and Performing Arts Director (link to academic advsiors 4.3) from Dulwich College International, who acts as an academic advisor, our students have many opportunities to experience all areas of the arts. The group has also cultivated collaborative relationships with educational and artistic institutions throughout the world to open even more doors for our students. 


We provide each of our students with a musical instrument and group lessons every week, giving them an appreciation for music and enabling them to develop innovative and original musical ideas. 

Students in Dehong have opportunities to take part in a variety of concerts and festivals with their classmates, such as the International Schools Choral Music Society Festival and the Dulwich Festival of Music. 


Continuing the legacy of Dulwich College and our sister schools, we encourage students to engage in the performing arts. Drama is a useful creative tool that helps Dehong students build confidence, self-discipline and communication skills. Through this art form student scan learn about themselves and the world around them, as well as gain insight into other cultures and eras.

Each year students are able to participate in Dehong productions and external drama festivals across Asia, working with professional actors, directors, writers and theatre companies. 


Art is taught at all levels in our schools and Dehong has a wide range of facilities to support this. 

Students within the Dulwich College International family of schools have participated in a wide variety of both internal and external exhibitions and festivals, and many students are making an impact in the art scene. 

Other Arts

Dehong will have a fully functional film studio and, learning from sister school Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, will offer film studies and participate in the annual D’ Oscars film festival. 

Dehong also works with artists within the local communities in MaQiao, ensuring that students participate and experience traditional cultures in the region..