University Counselling

Since the first class graduated in 2010, Dulwich College International alumni have headed to all the UK Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, every Ivy League university, and a host of others around the world.

In 2017, DCI graduates received over 400 offers from Russell Group Universities in the UK and Ivy League in the US, including top schools like Yale University, Brown University, and Oxford.

Our graduates have also gone on to the world leading art and music schools such as Central St Martins College of Art and Design, Berklee College of Music and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Students at Dehong, like those in sister Dulwich College International schools, will benefit from our unique university counselling curriculum that starts preparing them as early as Grade 6 for university and life beyond school. The curriculum includes modules on identifying interests and passions, choosing the right schools, finding suitable internship and summer programmes, preparing for standardized tests and meeting university admissions officers. DCI has over 20 experienced and diverse counsellors who constantly share best practices and opportunities throughout the Dulwich network of schools. Dehong students will have full access to all these services.

I am extremely proud of what we do for students. Our comprehensive approach to university counselling promotes student development and personal planning throughout their time at our campuses.
- Heather Pineda, University Counselling