Enrichment Programme

The Enrichment Programme runs through elementary, middle and high schools, and includes five categories:

  • Humanities (including Guoxue Club, English Skills Building Club and Book Club)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (including Drama Club, Dance Like You Have Ants In Your Pants and Cartoon Painting)
  • Entrepreneurial Practice (including Kerbal Space Academy, Learning Science by Experiments and Lego Club)
  • Sports (including Football, Badminton, Swimming Squad, Martial Arts, Cheerleading Netball and Cross Country)
  • Music (including Dehong School Orchestra, Guitar, Chinese Music Group and Junior choir)  

Students joining our Enrichment Programme enjoy opportunities in international student society activities and competitions, allowing them to study, compete and share achievements with peers globally. As a sister school of DCI, Dehong provides its students access to a range of events across the group spanning music, art, drama, film and sports.