DCI and Dehong Class of 2024's University Offers

It is time to celebrate the Class of 2024’s fantastic university offers, ranging from acceptances at Oxbridge and the Ivy Leagues to some of the best courses in the world at universities in North America, the UK, Europe and Asia. This is the beginning of the most important part of the application cycle – with offers in hand, students must now make the exciting, yet difficult, decision of which university to attend. 

While we know that an offer is only part of defining student success, we can’t help but celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2024. We are so proud of their accomplishments and consider ourselves privileged to be a part of their journey. Across the group, our University and Careers Counsellors help students define what success means to them and develop the tools necessary to achieve that success. We strive to guide students in identifying which environment and experience would best fit their needs, and most importantly, where they will be able to thrive. This is an informed process that seeks to combine passions, goals, and interests with the best possible opportunities. 

We want to wish all our students the very best in their future endeavours, be it continuing their learning journey at a fantastic university, waiting for a final offer, taking a gap year, starting a business, or pursuing other interests. We encourage our students to thoughtfully consider where they will find the greatest success and personal fulfilment as they make their final decisions for what to do in the coming year.

University offers can be conditional or unconditional. For many universities in the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia, conditional offers will depend on a student’s final IB or A-Level result. In the United States, unconditional offers are more common; students are expected to maintain their commitments to studies and activities but do not need to meet a specific final exam score. 

Historically, 30-35% of our students matriculate to the United States and 30-35% to the UK. In any given year, the US or UK may be the country that receives the most DCI and Dehong graduates. The offer data to date indicates that this trend will continue, although we have seen an increase in Australian university applications as a popular destination for students across the group.

Our students continue to thrive within an increasingly competitive university environment. Selective universities are becoming more selective – universities like NYU that have historically had 30% acceptance rates now have 10-20% acceptance rates. This trend has been noticeable for several years now, yet our matriculation volume to these universities has increased. Our dedication and commitment to the highest quality education and counselling provision allows our students to have access to not only an unprecedented number of quality university choices, but guidance on the choices that are the best fit for their personal needs and aspirations.  

We are committed to achieving success and satisfaction for all our students, regardless of their post-secondary pathway choice. We celebrate all the offers of our students and are excited to support them in their final university choices. 

In the upcoming months, as the Class of 2024 sets out on their exciting journeys to universities that best fit their aspirations and needs, we will share stories highlighting their university matriculations. These narratives will not only celebrate their individual achievements and the unique paths they have chosen but will also serve as a testament to the broad, enriching educational experiences our school provides. We look forward to showcasing how these young scholars will apply their learned skills and knowledge in higher education settings around the world.  

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