E-Learning for Four Weeks丨Dehong Xi'an

Although the outbreak interrupted the normal school opening time, it could not stop the students from devoting themselves to their studies and their teachers. E-learning has been carried out for nearly a month with all teachers and students. In this month, a total of 9,549 teaching materials were uploaded by CML and EML teachers and students' homework was submitted. Students' homework feedback was 8,006. Students were thumb up 4,160 times online and parents visited 1,307 times.


Parents keep an eye on their children's online interactions and homework feedback, and parents log on to the platform about 350 times a week.

Under the guidance of teachers and the company of parents, children's daily learning and practical activities are rich and colorful. At the same time, we are glad to see their growth and progress. For example, the richness of homework forms, the uniformity of writing, the knowledge mastery, and the content of teachers' comments are all improved to varying degrees. We selected some students' progress in the feedback of homework in each subject. Let's have a look.


CML English


Certificate of Honor

EML English

The growth of the students over the past month has delighted the teachers and parents, which also reflects the strong self-motivation and learning ability of Dehong students under the concept of holistic education. We hope that in the future study, children can continue to work hard to make their future dream come true.