Future of Education Conference: Explore Keynote Speeches

Have you ever wondered what life is like at renowned universities such as Oxford, Brown, Harvard, and MIT?


If so, we invite you to join the Future of Education Conference, jointly organized by Dulwich College Shanghai and Shanghai Dehong School.

You will have the opportunity to meet guests from these esteemed institutions in person, and hear about their experiences as teachers, staff members, students, or alumni. Through their perspectives, you will gain a multi-dimensional understanding of what creates an authentic university life, helping you explore and envision the past, present and future of college experiences.

In addition, you will have the chance to participate in various workshops where you can delve into the decision-making process behind university admissions, from the perspective of both applicants and interviewers. Our University, college and careers Counselling team from Dulwich College Shanghai will also attend the event to provide guidance and support on navigating the often-confusing realm of university applications, while shedding light on helpful information and dispelling myths around the application process.

Keynote Speakers and Speech Titles Unveiled


Education at Oxford University

Professor Kim Plunkett
Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Psychology
University of Oxford

Prof. Kim Plunkett obtained a BSc in Physics from Imperial College before switching to Experimental Psychology at Sussex University, where he earned a D.Phil. degree in 1979. After brief stints at Nottingham University and the Open University, he moved to the Institute of Psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark to study children's acquisition of Scandinavian languages. Starting in 1986, he dedicated a significant amount of time to the University of California, San Diego, where he studied the application of neural networks in modeling linguistic and cognitive development in young children.

Since 1991, Prof. Plunkett has been a member of the faculty in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St. Hugh's College, Oxford. In 1992, he established the Oxford BabyLab, a research facility focused on experimentally investigating linguistic and cognitive development in babies and young children. Prof. Plunkett maintains an active interest in Scandinavian languages and neural network modeling.


International student experiences in the United States

Andrew Heald
Director of Global Brown Center
Brown University

Andrew Heald is an international educator with more than ten years of experience in building student communities in global contexts. Currently the Director of the Global Brown Center for International Students at Brown University, Andrew has experience at both large, prestigious institutions and smaller liberal arts colleges in designing international orientation programs, developing student mentorship programs, and building a sense of belonging for international students on US college campuses. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Heald has won multiple awards for his work, including two excellence awards at Brown University for his support of the international student experience.

Both speeches will include a dedicated ten-minute Q&A session, providing an opportunity for parents to actively participate, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions. 

Alumni Panel


Future-Ready: Exploring Careers, Skills, and Education in a Dynamic Era

In this panel, speakers from renowned institutions will captivate your attention with their insightful discussions on future-focused career and skills development, the future labour market, future-oriented skills, and future-oriented education.

Prepare to be inspired by Fredric Kong, a current Ph.D. student at MIT, and Jason Shi, an alumnus of Harvard University and current the Secretary General & VP of Harvard Club of South China. Facilitating this session will be Luke Devlin, the Director of University and Careers Counselling at Dulwich Pudong. 

Fredric Kong
PhD and Dulwich College Shanghai Alumni

Fredric Kong is a second-year PhD candidate and Carl Shapiro (1976) fellow in the Department of Economics at MIT. By age 18, he had already completed his Master of Applied Science at MIT, concurrently concluding his International Baccalaureate diploma at Dulwich College Shanghai. At Dulwich, Fredric was the first student organiser of the annual College-wide academic symposium Dulwich Talks, where he brought together distinguished thinkers for discussions on thought-provoking topics and established multiple student publications while engaging with four Higher Level courses. Following his master’s degree, he served two years of National Service as a senior officer in the Singapore Police Force, with over 500 trainees under his care. His academic pursuits and research interests position him as an emerging voice in economic research that will influence both academic understanding and policymaking.


Jason Shi
Acting Secretary General and VP of Harvard Club of South China

Jason Shi is the acting Secretary General & VP of Harvard Club of South China, and was formerly Co-Chair of China Education Symposium at Harvard GSE. Shi holds an MEd from Harvard University, and a BA from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Shi spent one academic year as an exchange student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. Shi was also formerly the Executive Director of Peking University Shenzhen Institute Innovation Center, and founded multiple innovative education programs. Shi is a verified Career Development Practitioner by NCDA.

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Join us on April 13th as Dulwich College Shanghai and Dehong Shanghai collaborate to present the Future Education Conference.