IBDP Music Recital

At IBDP Music students (Grade 11 and 12) have been working on their 3 coursework areas: presenting performances and compositions, exploring and researching genres of music and experimenting with music.

Ms. Mulliner

Head of Performing Arts


This course is designed to allow students to pursue their interests and passions in music, with the role of the teacher being facilitator and mentor. This course not only broadens knowledge and understanding of music, but serves as fantastic preparation for university study, thanks to its focus on student autonomy and the development of research skills.

In Late November, we were delighted to have our first Music Recital featuring our IBDP Music students. This was a stage open to students to shine and showcase their musical talents and record performances towards their coursework. Parents, staff and all students in G11 and 12 came to support Alice L, Elaina P, Jerry F and Julie S and accompaniment by Mr Aguda, who highlighted the instruments: Piano, Guzheng and Flute.

The recital featured challenging repertoire, contrasting styles and genres of music and encapsulated the determination, motivation and self-discipline our students at Dehong are showing on a daily basis.

Elaina P.  G12


I delight in uncovering music's endless potentials. As both a Guzheng student and school's rock band lead vocalist, I frequently attempt to infuse Guzheng renditions into rock and pop genres, melding various cultural elements into the tunes. In the Music Recital, despite jitters, I focused and completed my performance smoothly. Profound thanks go to my teachers for their guidance and to the audience for their support and encouragement, all driving me to elevate the caliber of my performances and musical innovations.


Jerry F.  G12


My recent musical studies have enriched me with substantial new knowledge, notably in the adept use of musical equipments. In the Music Recital, I selected “Greensleeves” and “Study in A,” two contrasting pieces, intending to showcase a spectrum of musical hues.

Julie S.  G12


The piano, my companion of 13 years, has become a fundamental part of my life. In the Music Recital, I selected two favorites: a piece of film music and a classical nocturne. Their contrast allowed me to infuse the performance with my emotions and musical interpretation. The preparation was a happy time, filled with sharing and discussion among us four. To me, music transcends its own art form; it represents life itself.

Alice L.  G11


This Music Recital offered a valuable chance for self-improvement. I opted for Bach's challenging "Air on the G String," which demands intricate polyphonic technique. Under my teacher’s guidance, I devised a strategy, improved my weaknesses, and acquired new skills that enhanced my performance. Music is a source of happiness and strength, allowing me to explore my passions, challenge myself, and proudly display my progress and accomplishments.

Parents shared their excitement for having music featured again and the professionalism of the students involved, as well as staff expressing their delight whilst talking with students about their musical choices and the steps approached to achieve success.

This is the first in a series of performances to be held at Dehong Shanghai this year, highlighting the hard work of students and the Performing Arts. We look forward to welcoming you to future concerts and performances.