Pioneering Educators Convene at Future of Education Conference

On Saturday 13th April, the second 'Future of Education Conference', co-hosted by Dulwich College Shanghai and Shanghai Dehong School, was successfully held at the Langham in Xintiandi. Choosing from universities that Dulwich International students have matriculated, four eminent educators and scholars from Oxford, Brown, MIT and Harvard together with headteachers and university counsellors from Dulwich and Dehong gathered to share the latest developments in education with nearly 200 attendees.

Over the years, Dulwich College International has maintained close ties with leading global universities, owing to its holistic educational approach and outstanding academic achievements. The 'Future of Education Conference' provided a valuable platform to share our extensive university connections with parents, addressing their queries regarding university admissions and even future career prospects.

The half-day event featured two inspiring presentations - one by Professor Kim Plunkett, Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford, and the other by Andrew Heald, Director of the Global Brown Center, Brown University. After the talks, the audience actively participated in discussions with the school headteachers and an alumni panel, followed by two thought-provoking immersive workshops.

Education at Oxford University

In Professor Plunkett's session, he outlined the UK higher education system and the distinctive features of Oxford University, including its educational philosophy and teaching methods. There was a lively Q&A session focused on the Oxford University interview process, and how to stand out in the highly selective admissions process.

International student experiences in the United States

"When conversing with students about research, they often tend to focus on admissions requirements and procedures. However, it is crucial to widen one's research to encompass the various support systems and structural elements available, so that when faced with a crisis or in need of assistance, one is aware of the resources at hand." As international students embark on their university journey, confronting a new and independent lifestyle, Mr. Andrew Heald spoke to the various forms of support provided to international freshmen at Brown University, as well as the skills honed throughout this process.

Headteacher and Alumni Panels

The Heads of College shared their vision for the future, which sparked enthusiastic discussions from parents on the challenges and strategies of education in the face of rapid AI development.

The final panel discussion featured two alumni, Jason Shi from Harvard University and Fredric Kong from MIT, also the Dulwich Pudong Alumni, who shared their reflections on the evolving job market, required skills, and the role of education.

The event concluded with attendees participating in workshops on University and Career Counselling talking about university admissions selection processes, predictions from the future, data from our alumni cohorts and curriculum.

Whilst visiting Shanghai, distinguished guest speakers also spent time in Dulwich College Shanghai campuses and Dehong Shanghai. Our parent, staff and student communities were delighted to have the unique opportunity to take part in exclusive presentations, workshops and interviews. More on these in subsequent posts.

'Live Worldwise' is not only the mission of Dulwich College International , but also the core philosophy guiding our vision for the Future of Education. The 'Future of Education Conference' was not just a platform for knowledge exchange, but also an important bridge connecting schools and community, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration. 

We hope to build an open, inclusive, and shared educational ecosystem where every parent and student can find their own path to growth.