Let's tell Chinese stories in the world language! 丨Dehong Xi'an

In the afternoon of September 27th, with the melodious singing and wonderful music, a special activity to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland and the birth of Confucius was held in Dehong Xi'an International Chinese School. 



Confucius and Chinese culture

My favorite part is teacher Ryan's explanation of grandfather Confucius and Chinese culture. He took us back more than 2,700 years to experience the cultural essence of grandfather Confucius, a great thinker and educator. He used English to explain  "benevolence", "righteousness",  "ritual", "wisdom", "faith", not only letting primary school students but our teachers learn that grandfather Confucius’ "benevolence" as the highest ethical standard, which is one of the people to be good nature and advocate to have the heart of "love", to treat each other between people, to love each other. Our pledge under the flag every Monday morning also embodies "benevolence".

Teacher Ryan also said that Confucius advocated "teaching students according to their aptitude", and teaching encourage students' differences with different methods. It is just like Zhihong classes and more than this.

Teacher Yoyo told us that "Rong Hong”, “Shackleton”, “Bing Xin”, and  “Zhang Qian” also embodies the essence of Confucius' grandfather culture: righteousness, courage, warmth, and sincerity.



Food in China

Teacher Boly told us that grandpa Confucius was also a gourmand. Our student told the foreign teachers how to cook 8 popular Chinese dishes in English, and invited the foreign teachers to learn how to read the names of the dishes in Chinese. Our foreign teachers' pronunciation is also very good.



Interactive games

Our favorite part of the game was "you play me guess". We stand in a row to act out the phrase and see which house comes out with the fastest and most accurate idiom. On the stage each group representative acted intensively while the audience cheered loudly for their own house.



Chorus "My Motherland and Me"

Grade four brothers and sisters led the singing of the song “My motherland and Me” while the rest of the teachers and students sang the chorus. We waved the red flag, while singing this song to celebrate our motherland's 70th birthday!

After the end of the activity, several of our teachers are touched: there is no rehearsal for the children performance and participation in the game. For us, the performance may not be orderly enough,and it may be rowdy, but this is what our school wants to present. Let the students really become the main focus of the activity! Let the students be their true selves! Let the students enjoy and really get something out of it!

Yesterday we celebrate d National Day in a most Dehong style! This is Dehong which we try everyday to prove we are truly bilingual and bi-culture. We do hope we can cultivate our kids cultural confidence and national confidence by this way. “We combine with each other tightly! “principle Neil said it excitedly. 

Today, we have told many Chinese stories in the world languages. We are proud of being Chinese. Today, we are gathered together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. May the great motherland prosper!