Ms Vicky Lu

Ms Vicky Lu

Director of Academics, Dehong

Ms. Lu has most recently led the Mandarin faculty at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and played a significant role in curriculum development and professional learning for teachers. Previously she worked in different education systems in Australia and America. She taught and led subjects such as Chinese as a second language, English as an additional language, Chinese as a first language as well as Chinese culture and history.

Ms. Lu completed her undergraduate studies at Beijing Normal University, receiving double degrees in Chinese Language and Literature and English Language and Literature. After working two years in journalism, she completed a Master of Arts in East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in America and taught Chinese to undergraduate students. Having developed a strong interest in teaching, she then completed a postgraduate diploma in teaching and a Master of Teaching at The University of Melbourne in Australia.

Ms. Lu published journal articles in both Chinese and English and presented at international academic conferences on topics such as literacy, biliteracy, curriculum, Chinese literature and comparative literature.